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A baby scrub turkey was born here, maybe at the end of December (that is the season for it). I’ve seen it out the back yard a few times, barely suppressing undervoiced screams each time, because it’s so exciting. Apparently they have large batches, but most of the time no adults come out of it. Needless to say I was thrilled to see it again three weeks after its first appearance. I tried to feed it some ham, but two crows came and ate the little slice anyway, and then I forgot about the rest of the slice sitting on the laundry sink edge, until one day I saw it and remembered to take it to the bin. I doubt my brother noticed at all in the entire time it was there, so I didn’t bother giving him an explanation for laffs.

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One of the things I am most (MOST) excited about for the last movie is that Lily actually has a role. GERALDINE SOMMERVILLE OMGGGGG I love her sfm. Aaaaaand based on reactions to the latest trailer she is going to be in the next movie like MEGA A LOT. SO FUCKING EXCITED.

That will be all.

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Mum: Yes, you were obsessed with finding cicada shells when you were little. I used to watch you walking around staring at the trees after church, trying to find some to wear as brooches.

Pff. All the kids who weren't were missing out.


Seeing as he didn't actually see Cedric die (no, he didn't, JK. You explicitly told us he shut his eyes and saw green light through his eyelids), he shouldn't have seen thestrals for the first time at the start of fifth year. If he was going to see them at all, it should have been the first time he was in their presence, full stop. Why couldn't he have seen his mother die? She was standing in front of him and yelling, he sure wouldn't be looking anywhere else.

He took boats into school at the beginning and end of first year, he flew in with a car at the beginning of his second year, and why the hell not invent a reason to have him miss the thestrals and carriages at the end of second year? He couldn've encountered thestrals for the first time at the beginning of his first year, right after seeing the dementors. It's not as if the fifth book particularly belabours Harry seeing things others can't over any other book - in CoS he hears voices nobody else can hear, in PoA he hears screams nobody else can hear and responds particularly poorly to dementors, in GoF everybody doubts his innocence about putting his name in the goblet and the tabloids imply bad things about him, and then in OoP he has visions and the Ministry is badmouthing him. Just saying, they didn't need to appear in that book to be an extra serving of "Am I crazy?" pie, because he's been glutting on it for years.

(And if he didn't see his mother die, he heard it and saw the light - that's explicitly in the books - so had the exact same conditions as his witnessing Cedric's death. Yes, I HAVE thought about this too much.)

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Today was not such a bad day. I mean, I had enough to eat and shelter and hot water and no threats to my safety, but also, my cat didn't die. (That wasting away? Due to an illness. TREATABLE.) Coming out ahead!

I also missed all my lectures, felt more snowed under by my piffling amount of work, and had breakfast at 2pm (crowning achievment). I think part of my problem is that I compare myself against orphans from violent backgrounds who do six courses at once while working two jobs and POWER THROUGH WHY CAN'T YOU BE LIKE THEM. I think another part of my problem is that I have depression and my brain is all shit at the moment. POWER THROUGH. lol jokes your brain's fucked.

I cried because I didn't remember a detail today. Worried my brother, tried to explain that I wasn't upset, I was just ... crying. He helpfully asked, "Are you on anything new?" HAR HAR YES ANTIDEPRESSANTS. Suggested that might be something to bring up next time.

Shit, forget all this and watch Walter and Perry dancing for a bit. Those mad dogs.

(I'm up at 1am. I'm going to NAIL THIS ESSAY. Hear that essay? By bedtime you will be MORE DONE THAN YOU ARE NOW.)

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I had a dream about making Banjo Kazooie accesible for wheelchair users (widening the bridge over water in 'Mumbo Mountain', for instance). When I woke up I remembered that Banjo walks. Anyway, I've set out to try and find examples of disabled protagonists in video games, aaaaaand... yeah. Not much. Unless you count sexy amputees who get ROBOT LIMBS?

Tomorrow, we're all having hot dogs for dinner :)
Well, not all of us. All of us who are in this house at the moment. That's not terribly exciting, but my little brother got excited over seeing the veggie dogs and meat dogs in the fridge, and it's one of my favourite trashy foods.

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I spent the week sorting out all my father's affairs, and now he's home I've gone through and made copies of about a quarter of the holiday snaps. (just in case... My mother did ask me how to copy and paste last month...)

I'm sure I'll be treated to a very long slide show at some point in the future, but in the meantime, I'll note that it was actually very nice to very briefly see some of the photos he's taken. Seeing what he saw, what he thought was worthy of note, and what he wanted to pass onto me. He's not exactly a technological mastermind (that's a lovely photo of the ocean... and your thumb) but he's still managed to take some photos that express his own mindset.

In other news, I stupidly injured myself cooking on Friday. Fainting and wondering if a partial amputation might be warranted were both involved (probably both due to my wussiness), as was a slightly bloody finished food product, I suspect. Healthy!